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Friday, February 25, 2011

Holiday Weekend

 The children came to visit this past weekend, so that Molly could have some time to renew and revitalize during the holiday weekend.  She brought them down to me on Saturday afternoon.  We spent some time playing in the back yard.



Heath enjoys anything that involves being close to me, so I take advantage of that when he is here.  We went by Big Lots after church Sunday and I bought some wire racks.  They were wider than I wanted, but I decided I could use them somewhere.  Monday, Heath helped me organize my 81/2 X 11, 8 X 8, 4 X 6, and 4 X 4 papers on these shelves.  I think I will like this much better than just stacked all together like I had them.  Then he helped me organize my 12 X 12 papers.  I am hoping it will be easier to find what I am looking for now that we have it stacked so neatly.
4x4, 4x6, 8/8, 81/2x11 papers sorted by color
12 X 12 papers left to right - kits, loose patterned, patterned stacks, and solids
I am sure my crafting will go much smoother and faster now!


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  1. I know you enjoyed them so much Genelle~! They are beautiful children.
    How sweet that Heath loves to help you--he did a great job with the paper!

    Big Cricky Hugs,