Cider Falls

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cricut Cartridges

I didn't take much "stuff" with me to Camp Crop Alot, but it seemed like my "stuff" grew.  Well, of course it did!  My dear friend Jennifer went shopping.  She knows she has to buy duplicates of her purchases for me, so I came home with more paper for my stash, as well as a few other goodies.  I tried to only take what I knew I would use at the crop, but I still had several cartridges.  I put all I could in a tote and had two extra in the pockets on the outside. 

When I got home, I decided to rearrange my cartridge storage.  My DH brought Bobby's old desk and hutch into the scrap room and removed a chair that I purchased when I went back to school.  I put all my cartridges on the hutch and arranged them in alphabetical order.  Joy at Joy's Life has a neat cartridge inventory sheet which she keeps updated with all the cartridges that have been released thus far.  I marked the cartridges I have on one of the inventory sheets and arranged them according to font, shape, solutions, limited edition, Disney, and lite.  Now, I can tell if one is missing or not.  I am trying really hard to put them back in their spot after each use, so they will always look so neat.  As one can see though, the space is completely filled and running over.  I will have to think of some other way of storing them soon.

I stored some extra Disney albums on top of the hutch for those future trips to Disney World.  I have two for each of the children.  I also have a Tinker Bell for Chloe - will have to find something for Caroline.  Two Spiderman albums are also stored there for Heath and Eli.  I put most of my flower embellishments on the shelves in front of the cartridges, which softens the look of the carts.    The green thingy is my Xyron machine.  I am loving that!  I stored tools and Copics in the desk drawers.   My next project is to get all my embellishments in one place. 

Toodle-loo till next time


  1. Someone's been holding out on me!!!! What xyron??? I don't have that one!!! And oh by the way, you are missing a cart. LOL!!!! I haven't found but the one extra one. So when are you coming to arrange mine in alphabetical order????

  2. I will arrange yours in alphabetical order when you check off the ones you have on Joy's list. :-)
    Sure makes it easier to find what I am looking for!