Cider Falls

Friday, January 7, 2011

Altered Bibles

Molly asked me to personalize Chloe's and Caroline's camouflage Bibles.  They got these Bibles when we went to the "Family Fun Day" on the base just before Bobby had to leave to go back to the desert.  Molly wrote their names inside the Bibles, but it was a bit time consuming to open them to see whose it was before giving them to the girls.   I monogrammed them and used pink vinyl for Caroline's and purple vinyl for Chloe's.  Then I added coordinating self-adhesive ribbon on the bottom to dress it up a bit more.  Hope they will enjoy them as much as I enjoyed altering them.


  1. Too Cute!!!! You know they will love them Granny!!!!

  2. Thanks Jen . . . I sure hope they like them :-)

  3. Thank Granny for following me I will follow you back and great altered Bibles thanks for sharing!!!